Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Anything Goes - Mandarin

Some people are looking for the Mandarin lyrics, so here goes.

Algunos están buscando las letras en Mandarin, aqui lo tienen.

Yi wang de si wa yi kan dao
Xing li bian yao la jing bao jin tian zhi dao
Zhen shi mei miao

Yi wang yi lu jiu cha zhen mei hao
Qing shu shu shua le feng ye ni dao yi dao
Zhen shi mei miao

Wan hua chen shi yi yi dao dao
Bian hua wei bao bian wei dao
Meng huan dong shi da du shi
Do shi wei ni fu shao

Ze qi wo dui fei hua long qing liao
Dong hua dong feng song dao shou yi ding hui bao
Zhen shi mei miao 


  1. Thank You ! Been looking for this

    1. You are welcome, singing it in mandarin makes me happy everyday!

  2. Adoro esse filme, é o melhor de todos pra mim. Gostei de ter a letra disponível aqui.

    1. Do you have in english the significate? or in portuguese. Please, Thanks

  3. This just made my day! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Chuck, it's great to know that I have made someone smile :)

  4. I sort of recognize a few of the words / phrases if it is Mandarin:
    "Yi wang de" - forgotten times, old times - "si wa" - silk socks / stockings - "yi kan dao" - once seen
    in olden times when you see silk stockings??
    "Xing li bian" - inside the heart - "la jing bao jin" - pull emergency / alarm - "tien zhi dao" - heaven knows
    one's reaction is of alarm heaven only knows??
    "zhen shi mei miao" - really beautiful
    Anything goes

    Not sure about the rest except what a few of the phrases "could be"
    zheng mei hao sort of translates as "really ok"
    do shi wei ni translates as "all for you" fu shao if fu2 shao3, less fortune?? not sure that makes sense
    ze qi wo dui sounds like this week wo dui is "i" and "standing oppose" or facing. fei hua can be flying flower or BS ...
    dong hua dong feng (eastern flower eastern wind? or understand speech understand wind) song dao shao (deliver to hand) yi ding hui bao can be will tell for sure / will report for sure
    something once delivered will surely be told?

    1. Wow, Kilted Chin, you did a really good job in translating.
      My take on the words are in a following post:

      Actually I amuse myself everything I sing this song in mandarin :)
      Keep singing!